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“I am so glad that we worked together through everything and I appreciate all of your help, the importance of which can't be understated or measured.
I am confident that my happiness, health, marriage, and work/life balance will drastically improve because of this change. You keyed in on the critical aspects of the process and led me to success.  The best part is that I interviewed with only one company and got the dream job I wanted!  You've done well, Lisa, and we did well as a team on this, and I am proud of that, and eternally grateful.  Thank you so much!" 
David Krikstone, Maplewood 

"Lisa was a miracle worker! My son had been looking for work in his field a full year after graduating college. As his mom I saw how discouraged he was and reached out to Lisa who had helped me years ago. Within a MONTH, my son now has a wonderful job in digital graphic design. He is so happy to not only have the kind of work he loves but to work in an environment and with people he really likes. A perfect fit.

Lisa helped him through every aspect - where and how to look, how to use LinkedIn, rehearsing interviews, rewriting resumes, asserting the importance of thank-you emails and encouragement. He texted me the day he first met her and “Lisa is great!” This from someone who didn’t want any help. He even called her first when he got interviews and when he landed this job.

Lisa is terrific. If you or your family need help in finding work, you won't find anyone better. She really knows the business of employment. Lisa has many tricks up her sleeve from years of working in the employment business and with her intelligent and creative strategies. I, for one, am so grateful for her help. "
Karen Sanderson-Roche, NJ

"I decided to speak with Lisa because I was searching for a new job and had a lot of experience but no formal college degree. Lisa was very knowledgeable in writing resumes and cover letters that highlighted my experience. Lisa helped me through the process even coaching me just before a few phone interviews that I had. four weeks after my initial interview I was starting my new career path. I would absolutely recommend Lisa to anybody looking for a new position.” 
David Myers

"I started working with Lisa Mark about a year and a half ago. At that point I was just about to enter my second semester of my sophomore year of college and start to put real thought into my future career...  Using her contacts in the business world, as well as her insight into the workplace and the inner workings of corporations that I was interested in, she was able to put me in contact with several of her colleagues and initiate informational interviews... Lisa’s work did not stop there. We maintained constant communication during the school year via phone call and email and she always was there to answer questions that undoubtedly helped me for interviews. She would send me suggestions for ways about contacting potential employers, would revise letters and many drafts of my resume, and was a consistent aid in my search for work.... No matter what obstacles I found in my way, I always felt that I had another person in my corner and Lisa’s unwavering assurance in my abilities gave me the self-confidence to finally land an internship with Johnson & Johnson this summer."
—Thomas Quirk, College Student

"I first heard about Lisa Mark’s career counseling business through my school after she presented a seminar to my psychology class. I looked more into her services following the seminar and it seemed like a great fit for me. My main goal was to get experience in two fields of careers in order to figure out which I gravitated towards more. I also wanted to narrow down my options in terms of majors in college I would pursue. I was able to go on information session with people in the fields I was interested in and later on obtained a volunteer job with the help of Lisa. Lisa is a hardworking individual who never fails to see a window of opportunity for her clients even if they do not. I would recommend her services to anyone who is unsure of the career path or just would just like to be informed about other careers in general." —Lindsey Silvera, High School Senior

“Lisa Mark is an employment encyclopedia—with a heart of gold. As my supervisor in her consulting agency, FlexTime Solutions, she was instrumental in helping me land editorial jobs with two large financial companies over the past decade. As my friend, she continues to offer extremely valuable career advice. The first time I met Lisa, she spent over an hour sprucing up my resume and coaching me on an upcoming interview with Merrill Lynch. I got the job. Several years later, she contacted me about a job at UBS Financial Services and negotiated a very attractive salary. I no longer work for Lisa's consulting company, but I still reach out to her. Recently, she gave me very useful advice about discussing a promotion and a raise with my current manager during a performance review. Yes, Lisa Mark knows her stuff. And she has a huge heart to match that knowledge.” —Steve Klein, Editor, Vice President, Merrill Lynch

 "During another set of presentations, Lisa shifted her focus a bit to open up discussion about general college and career choices.  During this discussion, Lisa not only spoke about majors, minors, and career options, but also talked with students about the course selection process, paying for college education, financial aid, and the like.  These presentations were quite interactive, and students were able to express their questions, concerns, and anxieties about the college application and major selection processes.  Many students were very involved in this discussion and expressed that they had gotten a lot out of it." —Mr. McCormick, High School Psychology/History Teacher

“Lisa has helped us out several times at Olin by providing workshops or doing general counseling of students on a number of topics. She is also a member of our Parent Advisory Board. Lisa has great energy and experience, and is knowledgeable about all things involving the job search. She has two college-age sons, and therefore is very comfortable advising young people so that they'll LISTEN. Lisa is a real asset to the Olin community!”  —Sally Phelps, Director of Post Grad Planning, Olin College of Engineering

“Over our years of working together, I have seen Lisa excel in guiding professionals to achieve their personal and professional goals. Her insight into human nature, "out of the box" strategic thinking and knowledge of industries and careers makes her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to consider where they are in their professional life and where they want to go next. Lisa takes a 360 degree look at the interests, personality, career path and future goals of an individual, and then helps them to develop a plan for achieving their goals. For those unsure of their career direction, Lisa uses her psychology background, life experience, and knowledge of the business world to provide a basis for making well-considered decisions. I would highly recommend Lisa's coaching services for effective resume preparation, interview presentation, and overall guidance in career direction and advancement.” —Kathleen Shelby, Principal, Recruiting for Marketing, Communications & Design, FlexTime Solutions, Inc.

Lisa Mark counseling a student

Lisa is certified to administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory, a powerful assessment tool which links an individual's interest areas to work and industry preferences, often revealing a variety of career options.

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