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For Parents and Educators

Between now and high school graduation you have a lot of important decisions to make and we know it can be confusing.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Many of today's students are entering college or vocational school without a clear direction or an understanding of where their true skills and interests lie. As a result, they often drop out or change college majors too often to graduate on time. But if you know yourself and have the right information, you have the tools to decide what to do with your life!

Career education and college readiness will help prepare
for your future today.

Students who find a passion or career direction will find learning more interesting and purposeful. You will want to work hard and. complete your education. With this focus, you will be successful in finding a good paying job that you enjoy and can build upon.

I have a wide network of resources and professionals, and I know about colleges and trade schools, career paths, jobs and salaries. And, learning from people who share your interests and are happy in their jobs is a great way to learn what’s right for you.

I can help you gain some real world experience and discover new career options. Together we'll research schools offering the best programs for you. We'll investigate scholarships and training programs that will qualify you for your first full time job.

Your Career Direction can help you begin to figure it out now! 
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Lauren was considering her parent's suggestion to be a pre-med major. Was being a doctor her only option? Interested in sports, and an avid dancer, I coordinated a meeting and observation for Lauren with a licensed Physical Therapist. I provided data on educational requirements for becoming a PT. She began her freshman year psyched about pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.

James announced his plan to get a job writing novels. Was he shocked to learn he'd be hard pressed to find a company to hire him to write books! We discussed his options for college majors and what jobs he'll be qualified for with a BA, MA or PhD.