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Modern Adulthood Summit

Nov 1-25, 2017

Guidance & info for young adults

A free online event  interviews of Lisa Mark, psychologists, educators, entrepreneurs

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Given today's competitive job market, global economy, and changed corporate culture, we can't afford to depend upon employers to ensure our professional futures. Choosing or changing your career direction requires self-reflection, career education, sophisticated job search and networking skills, and an action plan.

Whether you need One thing is for sure

Building a successful and rewarding career requires parlaying your interests, experience, skills & education to today's job market. It takes knowing where the jobs are, targeted job searching, and impeccable presentation skills. For both professionals and students, it takes new skills and support so that you can make smart decisions. With enthusiasm, persistence and our coaching, you will succeed in finding a path to a job or career that is right for you.

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At Your Career Direction, YOUR career is our passion!

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Our mission is to help you explore, choose and create your direction for an exciting and rewarding career path.

We meet with you in person or via Skype and we maintain close communications with you through email, texts and telephone!

We incorporate knowledge of the current job market with our staffing & career counseling expertise, your skills, experience and passions. We'll introduce you to new job functions & career ideas. We'll help you generating job and internship opportunities for you as a professional, student or college graduate.